What we do
Laboratory tests that are offered by LAM "MEDIRS" in the following diagnostic directions 
  1. hematology 
  2. biochemistry 
  3. coagulation 
  4. Chemical analysis of urine 
  5. immunohematology 
  6. microbiology 
  7. virology 
  8. parasitology 
  9. cytology 
In laboratory Medirs a systematic internal laboratory control samples tested, the equipment and diagnostics. The laboratory is involved with a high success rate in all cycles of the National system of external quality assessment for holding the certificates 
The benefit of patients, the most frequently requested tests are grouped into diagnostic packages at preferential prices. 
Patients examined in the laboratory MEDIRS can get their results by appointment via email or fax and have non-stop access to the results on the Internet. 
Laboratory activities are carried out on the territory of Sofia, but is able to serve patients from all over the country, for a fee, as well as coupons for research by the National Health Insurance Fund 
In Medical Center "MEDIRS" is the examination and advice of professionals working in leading clinics of the University Hospital in Sofia. Experts engage as appropriate with any hospitalization, operative or nonoperative treatment and monitoring of patients. Tests are carried out after an appointment by phone or email. 
In Medical Center "MEDIRS 'work: 
  1. Ext. medicine and cardiology, Dr. G. Ivanov, UMBAL1 "St. Anna" 
  2. Ext. diseases Dr. Polizova 14 DCC 
  3. Rheumatologist, Dr. V.Peycheva, UMBAL1 "St. I.Rilski "
  4. Nephrologist Dr. N. Nenchev UMBAL1 "Sv.I. Rilski "
  5. Endocrinologist, Dr. E. Nachev USBALEG2 
  6. Pulmonologist ftiziatar Dr. B. Kosturkov SBALBB4 "St. Sofia" 
  7. Hematologist, Dr. C. Hrischev, NTSHT5 
  8. Gastroenterologist, Dr. Ivan Sirakov VMA6 
  9. allergist; Dr. K. Gaytandjiev, UMBAL1 "Alexandrovska" 
  10. Mammalogy, surgeon, oncologist Dr. N. Markov SBALO3 
  11. ENT, oncologist Dr. S. Guergov, C SBALO3 
  12. Neurologist Dr. Traykova UMBAL1 "Alexandrovska" 
  13. Urologist, surgeon, oncologist Dr. R. Simeonov SBALO3 
  14. Medical Genetics, Dr. C. Toshkov, NCHT 
  15. Dermatologist Dr. M.Venelinova, MC "Trust" AD 
  16. Anesthesiologist Dr. I. Iliev, MBALSM6 
  17. Homeopath. Dr. At. columbine 
  18. UMBAL1 - Universitska Hospital for active treatment 
  19. USBALEG2 - University Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Endocrinology and Gerontology 
  20. SBALO3 - Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Oncology 
  21. SHATPD 4 - Specialized bolanitsa for active treatment of diseases belodorbni 
  22. NTSHT5 - National Center for Hematology and Transfusion 
  23. VMA6 - Military Medical Academy 
  24. MBALSM6 - Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency Medicine Pirogov
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