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In the laboratory work: 
  1. Dr. R. Gergova MD, a specialist microbiologist from the Medical University of Sofia, 
  2. Dr. I. Petkova, PhD, Clinical Laboratory Specialist, Medical University of Sofia 
  3. Dr. E. Marinova, specialist virologist from the Military Medical Institute, Sofia, 
  4. Dr. C. Badalanova specialist Parasitology, Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases and Parasitology, Sofia, 
The laboratory has a contract for cytological and histological studies of Prof. Dr. G. Ganchev, University Hospital of Oncology, Sofia 
The laboratory has a contract to perform genetic studies with Prof. Dr. C. Toshkov, Director of National Centre for Haematology, Sofia 
Laborantskiyat composition was selected precisely and has high level of professionalism, ethics and humanism qualities sets required to work together in a team and with patients to ensure relevance, quality and accuracy in the diagnostic process. 
Patient safety and medical personnel in the daily operation of blood products is provided through the mandatory use of a special closed system where under the effect of vacuum is drawn blood from the vein. This system consists of individual kits and disposable sets that provide abosolyutna security and effective protection for patients and staff and retain optimal quality of the samples. For other biological materials using other types of disposable sterile containers and transport media that create comfort for the patient and the optimum conditions for keeping the quality of the samples. 
All supplies used in the lab are disposable and after the study is subject to a special disposal according to the requirements and provisions of the HEI, transported by a licensed EKOMAT Ltd. and destroyed in a licensed incinerator on Alexander's Hospital. 
Main goal of working in a laboratory MEDIRS is to provide high quality and precision in the diagnosis of tested samples, put their skills and knowledge, they spare their efforts. 
In Medical Center "MEDIRS" are performed examinations, consultations and treatments by highly qualified professionals working in leading clinics of the University Hospital in Sofia. Experts engage as appropriate with any hospitalization, operative or nonoperative treatment and monitoring of patients. Tests are carried out after an appointment by phone or email. 
  1. In Medical Center "MEDIRS 'work: 
  2. Ext. medicine and cardiology, Dr. G. Ivanov, UMBAL1 "St. Anna" 
  3. Ext. diseases Dr. Polizova 14 DCC 
  4. Rheumatologist, Dr. V.Peycheva, UMBAL1 "St. I.Rilski "
  5. Nephrologist Dr. N. Nenchev UMBAL1 "Sv.I. Rilski "
  6. Endocrinologist, Dr. E. Nachev USBALEG2 
  7. Pulmonologist ftiziatar Dr. B. Kosturkov SBALBB4 "St. Sofia" 
  8. Hematologist, Dr. C. Hrischev, NTSHT5 
  9. Gastroenterologist, Dr. Ivan Sirakov VMA6 
  10. allergist; Dr. K. Gaytandjiev, UMBAL1 "Alexandrovska" 
  11. Mammalogy, surgeon, oncologist Dr. N. Markov SBALO3 
  12. ENT, oncologist Dr. S. Guergov, C SBALO3 
  13. Neurologist Dr. Traykova UMBAL1 "Alexandrovska" 
  14. Urologist, surgeon, oncologist Dr. Boris Tsingilev, SBALO3 
  15. Medical Genetics, Dr. C. Toshkov, NCHT 
  16. Dermatologist Dr. M.Venelinova, MC "Trust" AD 
  17. Anesthesiologist Dr. I. Iliev, MBALSM6 
  18. Homeopath. Dr. At. columbine 
  19. UMBAL1 - Universitska Hospital for active treatment 
  20. USBALEG2 - University Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Endocrinology and Gerontology 
  21. SBALO3 - Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Oncology 
  22. SHATPD 4 - Specialized bolanitsa for active treatment of diseases belodorbni 
  23. NTSHT5 - National Center for Hematology and Transfusion 
  24. VMA6 - Military Medical Academy 
  25. MBALSM6 - Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency Medicine Pirogov
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