Medical diagnostic laboratory "MEDIRS" performs a wide range haematological, biochemical, microbiological, virological and parasitological tests as clinically indicated, and prophylactic. The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment, outstanding laboratory physicians in different specialties, as well as experienced, accurate and ethical biologists and technicians. 
In 2000 the activity of LAM "MEDIRS" begins on the first address, situated in Sofia, jk "Hope" street "Silyanov" № 77 DCC 8. Gradually expand and in 2008 the laboratory reveals new address in Sofia, jk "Shooting" street "Dedeagach" bl. 60A, ent. In the ground floor.

At the same address in bc "Shooting" is revealed and Medical Center "MEDIRS." It carried out medical examinations, consultations and treatments from a wide range of professionals employed in leading clinics of university hospitals. Doctors engage as appropriate with hospitalization, follow-up and surgical or non-operative treatment of the patient in hospital.


Main goal of working in a laboratory MEDIRS is to provide high quality and precision and speed in diagnosis of tested samples, put their skills and knowledge, they spare their efforts.


Laboratory and medical center offering professionalism and medical ethics in carrying out medical - diagnostic treatments and services. Enhance timely diagnosis and proper treatment of the disease in order to achieve certain success of therapy for each patient. all rights reserved ™ 2021